We have offered to sponsor the Visa applications for Yahya and Alexander for resettlement here in Australia. After escaping civil war in Yemen and suffering harsh prejudices from family and society, Yahya and Alexander are hoping to find a safe place to start their new lives, and we would like to help them to find that place here in Busselton.

International LGBTQIA+ Issues

Human Rights Organisations around the world have documented wide scale abuses of LGBTQ+ people including arbitrary arrest and detention of LGBTQ+ individuals, specifically due to their gender identity, expression or sexuality, and they are subject to inhumane conditions, abuse and torture.

  • Homosexuality is still criminalized in 76 countries around the world (half of which are Commonwealth jurisdictions) and 43 countries still specifically criminalize consensual sexual activity between women.

  • There are ten counties with the death penalty for consensual, same-sex activity; six of which are still actively enforcing this.

  • There are fifteen countries with laws that criminalize the existence of transgender people, although many countries without these laws still specifically target transgender people using other laws and public order offences. Over twenty countries only legally recognise transgender people once they have been sterilised.

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