Federal LGBTQIA+ Issues

Currently in Australia, religious institutions still hold a license to discriminate against people in religious schools and faith based services.

When in government last, the Federal LNP drafted a "Religious Discrimination Bill" to give even more rights to large religious organisations, to the detriment of minorities including LGBTQIA+ people, woman, minority faith communities, and disabled people. This included removing current protections from discrimination and allowing employers, health care professionals and other service providers to make any offensive statement that is "based on religious beliefs"; giving medical professionals the right to refuse treatment based on religious views; and allowing organisations to restrict access to publicly funded services to only those whose religious beliefs they agree with.

When Labor took power, they committed to bringing their own "Religious Discrimination Bill" while also committing to amending the Sex Discrimination Act to strengthen protections for LGBTQ students. This ABC report gives an overview of the progress of this promise. 

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