State LGBTQIA+ Issues

Unfortunately in many areas of law, Western Australia is far behind the other states in removing discriminatory laws and adding required protections for LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Hate Speech laws in WA apply only to race. These laws need to be updated to include other areas including sexual orientation, gender identity and disability.

  • Conversion Practices remain legal in WA, falsely claiming to be able to change LGBTQIA+ people’s identity or feelings. Both the Australian Medical Association and Australian Psychological Society have condemned Conversion Practices as harmful and dangerous, and these practices must be banned - in both formal settings such as by Professional Counselors and in informal settings such as religious groups.

  • Inclusive Education WA (the rebranded Safe Schools program) had its funding ceased from October 2020. This means there is currently no program to provide training, resources and curriculum support for school staff, psychologists and parents to better understand the needs of LGBTQIA+ students in WA.

  • "Special Religious Exemptions" remain under WA laws (1984 Equal Opportunity Act) which allow religious organisations to discriminate against LGBTQIA+ people and their families by refuses services, declining enrollment or employment applications and expelling students or firing staff. This includes where services are publicly funded - such as emergency services, homelessness support, youth programs, health care services and schools.

  • Non-binary people have no legal recognition of their gender and transgender people in WA are unable to have their gender legally recognised without first undergoing expensive, invasive and often unwanted medical interventions.

  • Intersex people (individuals with unique variations in chromosomes, hormones, reproductive or sex anatomy) continue subject to non-consensual surgery and medical procedures in WA.

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